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Standard Integration Services

Integrated Services

Our Standard Edition allows users to elevate their productivity. With OneVuex, they can better organize, manage, access and relate  any of their existing documents, videos, pdf files, and email messages. They can find all related information in a single search. No more searching for files one-at-a time. They can co-author documents with others in real-time, share files and conduct collaboration sessions - all in one system. Users can use Naturla Language Quering to better relate to multiple systems.

Data Migration

OneVuex eliminates the need for expensive migration services. With OneVuex, data migration is easy, fast and effortless, with no disruption to business operations. Organizations can continue normal operations as data is migrated in as little as 1 or 2 business days instead of waiting weeks, months or even years to move critical information from one system or platform to another. With OneVuex On Premise, business can now migrate to the cloud in their own time and at their pace.

Stream Analytics

OneVuex provides stream analytics that allows information to flow seamlessly in customized business intelligence reports and dashboards providing a clear view of the organization and predictive analytics that provide insights into progressive and/or future performance.  Information can also be streamed back and forth between CRM tools so insights from sales are captured and information about current and potential performance can be shared with sales teams.

Integrated Security

In combination with Microsoft solutions and compliance industry experts, OneVuex delivers security at every level of operation. Microsoft's Advanced Threats Protection in the cloud. Office365 encrypts com-munications between the cloud and the device. Windows 10 Protection between the OS, network and device. OneVuex’s Multiple Database Engine System gives each user their own system, eliminating a central core that is susceptible to company-wide attacks along with total system replication.

Custom Integration Services

Exchange Integration

We can associate all of your existing email accounts in OneVuex. With OneVuex, you can now find everything with one search, relating email messages with specifc files.

SQL Integration

Integrate your SQL databases with OneVuex. Easily access and relate specific SQL records with Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Emails, Dynamics and Business Intelligence reporting.

Oracle Integration

Many businesses have both SQL and Oracle databases and experience limitations communicating between the two systems. OneVuex makes it easy to integrate, access and relate your data.

SharePoint Integration

SharePoint promises great productivity but it also comes with many challenges. OneVuex removes the challenges and delivers the expected potential of SharePoint without the huge associated expenses or disruption to your business.

PaaS Integration Services

Аzure Active Directory

We are Global partners with the Microsoft Corporation and have achieved multiple competencies to configure and manage special systems and services for Microsoft Services.

Mobile Device Management

OneVuex operates on most mobile devices.  We provide 24 hour support, 7 days a week, so you can operate from any location, any time of day.

Windows As A Service

Through lectures and trainings, held by qualified specialists, you will be able to improve your skills and acquire new knowledge.

Additional Services

Cluster Configurations for OneVuex

With OneVuex, business with multiple locations but different systems can easily relate, move, share and exchange information without the hassle or limitations experienced with on-premise networks. Cluster configurations allow users to connect across departments, divisions and locations. 

Integrate Data between Departments

Companies can easily share information between departments using different software programs that can't necessarily work together. With OneVuex, users can collaborate, co author documents, IM message with other employees, host white board sessions and much more. OneVuex provides new open doors and pathways to manage your information when, where and how you need to.

Real-Time Analytics

OneVuex has integrated Business Intelligence which can connect to almost any of your sources (applications, databases, etc.) so management can see exactly what is going on with every aspect of their business. Our Business Intelligence is in Real-Time updating every 100mls automatically.