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OneVuex Products

OneVuex Standard provides powerful computing solutions in one system including Office 365, enterprise search, communication and collaboration, file sharing, vast storage, business intelligence and other computing capabilities. OneVuex Standard removes the need for storing your information and applications on servers or VM's, allowing information to flow seamlessly in the OneVuex Cloud. OneVuex Standard makes computing fast and easy so users can accomplish in a day what used to take weeks or months to do.

OneVuex for Business gives organizations advanced technology unknown to businesses anywhere. OneVuex's seamless integration of the most important applications in you organization eliminates the need to log into different programs to access information needed to make critical decisions. OneVuex for Business allows departments, divisions and business segments to work seamlessly, regardless of the location, on almost any device, dramatically increasing productivity, revenue growth and customer value.

OneVuex Enterprise significantly changes the way Global Enterprises operate. With integrated translation services and the ability to integrate systems across regions and continents, management has the ability to access and analyze data from any source, all from within the OneVuex Interface. With system and geographic barriers removed, large enterprises are more productive, moving more quickly and effectively with tremendous IT savings, positively impacting the bottom line and creating greater customer value.

OneVuex for Education

With OneVuex, K-12 and higher learning institutions both public and private have access to powerful computing solutions in one easy to use system.  Educators and students can take learning anywhere on any device. Classrooms can be connected across the country or the globe and materials shared with no language barriers with OneVuex's collaboration and translation features. Educators have access to vast arrays of Microsoft educational tools as well. And with Advance Cloud Security, Encrypted Communication and Advance Threats Protection on your devices, there's no threat of intrusion.

OneVuex for Legal 

OneVuex connects multiple resources and provides Real-Time access to information from different sources. Legal counsel no longer needs to carry those boxes of evidence and filings to court.  Staff can instantaneously provide new information in client files that counsel can access regardless of their location.  OneVuex can capture information from all of your cases, delivering information in any environment where and when you need it.

OneVuex for Healthcare

With OneVuex's ability to integrate applictions, platforms and systems, healthcare professionals can quickly and easily access patient information from multiple healthcare providers.  They can consult and collaborate with other attending physicians, simultaneously accessing patient charts and records.  With integrated Business Intelligence dashboards, healthcare providers can see patients' charts, results and  images in a single view. 

Microsoft Products that make up OneVuex

OneVuex for Non-Profits

Non-profits require the same computing solutions and capabilities as For-Profits, but often lack the budgets to acquire new technology, let alone maintain their existing systems. OneVuex offers a special package for Non-Profits providing the same computing power they need to serve their members and community at an affordable price  With OneVuex, Non-profits can now operate with the greatest level of efficiency, focusing their attention on their mission - not IT.

OneVuex for Oil & Gas

Oil and Gas firms have huge amounts of Big Data - seismic data, spatial and GPS coordinates, weather services, equipment monitoring and maintenance records with data from social media, emails, text messages, media sources, spreadsheets and documents. The ability to access, query, analyze and integrate this information is a difficult task. OneVuex allows O&G firms connect with multinational offices, remote teams, suppliers and partners; seamlessly integrate their systems and data; and track and monitor the progress of their entire operations, providing more efficient production management capabilities and greater insights with powerful business intelligence tools.

OneVuex for Transportation

Transportation agencies and companies have tons of data and information to manage. They also operate using multiple systems, applications and platforms that don't connect well with internal or external departments, providers or government agencies. OneVuex's adaptive intelligence and integration capabilities make it easy for transportation agencies and companies to find, access and share their information internally and externally. They can track their systems, improving reporting and operations leading to greater efficiencies, cost savings and better customer service.

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