The OneVuex Story!

About OneVuex
The uniqueness of the new cloud platform OneVuex - The evolution of all computing in one solution

Integrating multiple applications into one solution creates a new vision for all aspects of computing. Artificial Intelligence, 3D Modeling, Computing in the Air, Voice and data translations in "Real-Time" co-authoring and many other functions that were believed to be years if not decades away are now available in OneVuex.  Bass International Software has some of the best software engineers in the world who can visualize extreme concepts that other companies hesitate to even try to accomplish -we know how to get it done. We don't shy away from our customers when a support questions arises we engage our customers with the excitement and anticipation to get them where they need to be. With our 30 minute guarantee response time, no one can match our commitment or our efforts in making sure our customer receive the best customer support.

Our services

OneVuex is a complete platform designed to provide all facets of computing "in the cloud." Here are a few of the services offered in the OneVuex Cloud.

Data Migration to the Cloud
Documents and Files

Easily migrate your Office files to the OneVuex Cloud. If you're overloaded with files and folders on thumb drives, portable drives, your desktop and network drives, OneVuex can help better manage and access those files from anywhere and anytime. Don't waste time searching for information- move your data to the OneVuex Cloud and dramatically increase your productivity.

Exchange Migration
to the OneVuex cloud

Migrating Exchange servers is one of the most challenging efforts in modern day computing. Our team has years of experience and trained personnel who specifically work on Microsoft Exchange every day, so we know how to get it done the right way! With OneVuex never miss an email message or experience disruption to your business. 

Domain Migration 
Existing and New Domains to OneVuex

Migrate your existing and newly generated domains to OneVuex. With all of your domains connected in OneVuex, users have a huge advantage.  They can access and manage data from web and intranet applications without having to log-in to different systems. OneVuex also gives users the ability to relate that data to information in other applications all in "One" system. 

Platform Integration
Oracle, SAP and others

The integration of platforms is one of the most powerful functions in OneVuex. Integrating platforms or migrating data from one platform to another can be very risky and extremely expensive. After years of research, we have mastered this process.  With OneVuex, businesses are no longer burdened with the risk or expense of migrating systems or data ever again. With OneVuex these systems can now connect to a single portal, providing users unprecedented access, manageability, integration, relationship management and mobility. 

Web Application &
Intranet Site Integration

With OneVuex, connecting Web Applications and Intranet Applications is a breeze. Businesses can now create valuable data tiles that connect live streamed data from different systems, giving management a custom view of information from almost any system in there organization. 

SharePoint Integration - all versions

Many companies have integrated SharePoint in there organization with the hope of better managing their information, but SharePoint is expensive and difficult to configure, implement and maintain, so many companies never realize its true capabilities.  OneVuex, through its code integration, delivers on every expectation of what SharePoint was designed to do. With OneVuex, businesses can get the expected value of SharePoint without the challenges and associated costs.

Lower Your IT Operational Costs
by moving to the OneVuex Cloud

Implementing OneVuex in your organization is one of the best decisions you can make. Why? Because OneVuex doesn't require a VM, nor does it require any hardware infrastructure. With OneVuex, businesses get the best productivity software in the world with a "no hassle" deployment process. We configure it, we deploy it, we maintain it.  All you have to do is log-in and use it. Just provide the device of your choosing and an internet connection and you're in business. 

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What we do

At Bass International Software we become advocates for our customers. We realize the IT industry isn't the easiest or the friendliest to get along with. We work especially hard at providing an honest, knowledgeable and technically capable team for each of our customers.  Our mission is to create a cohesive partnership with each and everyone of our customers. The future of computing will bring great invention as well as great challenges. The only way to be successful is to work together to provide unified systems but a better informed and unified society. 

OneVuex is the only IT solution you will ever need

OneVuex is a complete system that integrates different systems into a unified solution that provides greater efficiencies and increases user productivity more than any other system on the market.