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What is OneVuex?


OneVuex is a "digital fabric" of multiple computer languages and intelligent agents that ingeniously integrates the services and functionality of multiple software applications, enterprise platforms and cloud infrastructure services to run together as a complete and single Cloud System – all in a secure environment.  OneVuex is supported and has been vetted by Microsoft Global Sales, Microsoft Marketing Groups and Microsoft Technology Architects. OneVuex was developed over the past 15 years with some of the best minds known throughout the computing industry. OneVuex provides unprecedented access to all of your information, it provides the ability to easily share information, it translates information to and from different languages and it has the ability to instantaneously collaborate with others who are either internal or external to your organization - all in one system. So how does OneVuex do all of this? it integrates the computer code of Office 365, SharePoint 2013\2016, Azure Services, web applications, media systems, other file types, collaboration and conferencing services, a business intelligence system, security and monitoring systems and gives them the ability to run simultaneously as one Unified Workspace.

Unified Search and Find

• Search by Subject – you don’t have to remember file names or where you stored them

• Find related Word, Excel, PowerPoint and Email Messages with one search

• Relate, Access, and manage “Big Data”

• Subject Management - find all information related to a “Subject” even information external to the organization

• Global Search Title or content, file type, author and by time

• Easy Upload-upload groups of folders from your computer and their contents into OneVuex

• Auto Synchronization across devices 
Unified Collaboration

• HD Live Video

• HD Live Audio

• Instantly Send documents to others

• Instant Messaging at any time across all devices

• Share your desktop screen with encrypted communications

• Give specific attendee(s) control to edit or perform needed operations

• 500 attendees per session

• Create\edit documents with simultaneous input with invitee(s)

• Communicate with others in different languages in seconds
Connected Systems

• Connect other applications and platforms to OneVuex

• Connect SQL Databases • Connect Oracle Databases

• Connect PeopleSoft • Connect your Accounting System

• Connect your Human Resource System

• Connect any web application

• Relate that information to other information in OneVuex and find all of it with one search

• OneVuex works with any Operating System

• OneVuex is Cloud Based

• OneVuex works on Windows Devices, Apple Devices and Android Devices

• Access any information from applications and platforms that are not mobile and access that information through OneVuex by integrating those systems in OneVuex.

• Translate any document, email or text message with OneVuex to any language

• Transmit any document to other employees, students in other parts of the world and raise your communication experience to new heights

• OneVuex Multiple Database Engine System

• Microsoft’s Advance Threats Analytics

• Security and Compliance Center

• Built-in Anti-Spam, Anti Malware protection

• Hijack Prevention

• Auditing

• Data Loss prevention – Replication Service

• Encryption Services

• Information Management Policies

• Information Rights Management

• Mobile Device Management – Remote Wipe Capability in case of device loss or theft
Business Intelligence

• Generate Live streaming reports on any activity across your business

• Retail activity reports-local, regional, national & international locations

• Make accurate business projections

• View different reports from different departments in one view

• Compare and contrast historical data against current year to projections

• Create customize reports that show exactly what you need to know


What is Cloud Computing?


Cloud Computing is not what most people believe.

Cloud Computing is not loging into a server

Cloud Computing is not Remote Desktop Connectivity

Cloud Computing is not Peer to Peer networking

Cloud Computing is not storing files, Photos or music at a "Storage Location" that is located away from your office or home

Cloud Computing is not Terminal Services

If the user has to have the software on their local computer then - That is not Cloud Computing


What we mean when we say Cloud Computing...

Users are not required to have software on their local computer or device

Users can share files without file size limitiations

All software execution is performed in the Cloud - not on the device

Users log into a Cloud Portal

Cloud Computing happens when the platform (the OS), the applications, the connections, databases are performing all operations in the Cloud Environment - not on the device.  OneVuex is the only computing solution that has these capabilities.


What is Serverless Computing?


A quote from Microsfts Satya Nadella...

"As computing becomes more distributed, developers will not be able to write software bound to one virtual machine. Serverless computing will be the core of distributed computing, and this will change everything we do in Windows, Office 365 and Azure."

The name "serverless computing" is used because the business or person that owns the system does not have to purchase, rent or provision servers or virtual machines for the back-end code to run on.


What is code Integration?


Code integration is an original, copyright protected, computing process owned by Bass International Software in which the actual code of once separate systems (i.e. applications, platforms and cloud infrastructure services) is running as one unified system through the connected end points of the OneVuex Digital Fabric. With Code Integration, users no longer have to open independant software applications, log into independant databases or independant platforms. They now can log into "1" interface and access, relate and mange the data in all of their software programs in one interface. Users no longer have to find specific information in one program, then open another program and so on. The user can see everything they need in "1" view, no matter the software program. Users can see the content of their files without opening any of the software programs. The barriers of the applications are removed giving the data the freedom to associate with sources of data no matter what program they are in.


How is OneVuex Security Different?


Security in OneVuex is different than other security measure.

There are 4 major levles of security to OneVuex

1) Advanced Threats Analytics - this is the Cloud Protection service that prevents unwanted access to your information (Email Protection Included)

2) Encrypted Communications - this is the protection of your information as it moves from the Cloud to your device

3) Advance Threats Protection - this service prevents against "Brut Force" intrusion of your device(s)

4) Multiple Database Engine System - this service runs a seperate instance for each user. But its more than just an instance, OneVuex actually runs a seperate environment for each and every user even though they are all part of the same tenant. This provides additional protection. If protocol is broken, only that one user is affected not the entire organization.

Those are the 4 major areas where hackers can invade your systems - OneVuex protects them all.  In addition, OneVuex also provides:

  • Complete System Replication Services, preventing data loss
  • Extensive and Integrated Security for File Sharing.
  • Mobile Device Management – Remote Device Wipe and Device Lock Capability in case of device loss or theft

  • Security and Compliance center

  • Information Rights Management

  • Independent Custom File Compliance Services


What is a Hybrid Environment?


A Hybrid environment is when a business has a small or initial presence in the Cloud as well as information at his or her local offices (On-Premise). The Hybrid environment has a direct connection between the Cloud and the on-premise environments and users can access and manage the data in either of them through a Cloud Interface.


What Devices or Platforms Can I Use with OneVuex?


OneVuex operates with Microsoft, Linux, Apple or Android platforms and environments