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“Before OneVuex, it was hard to find things… I didn’t realize just how hard computing was until we found an easier solution.  You get used to things being hard, but it doesn’t have to be.  With OneVuex, computing can really make your life easy.”

Karen Applegate   

Sharonville Chamber of Commerce

“OneVuex takes the stockades off of technology, making it user-friendly and accessible from wherever I am.  It enables our very small staff to be able to accomplish things much bigger than we could before – making us much more efficient, effective and professional.  I would not want to go back to computing the old way ever again.”          

Dan Bates

President, Greater Hamilton Chamber of Commerce

“OneVuex's integration capabilities are unprecedented.  The ability to connect, share and stream different sources of information from totally different systems is phenomenal.  OneVuex will make a tremendous difference in productivity - and generate huge IT and operational cost savings."

Tom Gant

Former Director of IT, Regional Transit Authority of New Orleans


“With OneVuex, I’ll be able to integrate all my systems including my social media sites like LinkedIn – condensing all my contact information on my laptop and cell phone.  As a next step, I’m excited to integrate Microsoft Dynamics and even my QuickBooks account. I’ll be able to integrate information between all these applications making it easier to manage my business.”

Steve Barry

President, BayVue Consulting

Former USAF Contracting Officer

"It is our belief that Bass International Software will change the way computing is performed today and in the future by providing a complete computing solution.  They clearly understand the evolution of advancements in technology and the impact these advancements can have on businesses today and in the future.  With OneVuex, Bass International Software has developed solutions that will provide significant efficiencies and cost savings that will provide competitive advantages to U.S. companies, organizations and government agencies."

Patrick Longo

Director, HCBC



Steve Barry

“OneVuex can use keyword searches which is a great capability, especially since sometimes I can't remember all our document and filenames. Being able to do a search by word content and actually find all the documents and files related to a subject can be a huge time saver.”

Dan Bates

“I recently went to an IT Expo.  I stopped by at least 15 booths.  People shared how to protect my documents, how to take our information to the cloud, how to collaborate with our team members. Every booth I went to, I listened to a little bit of the spiel and realized - this is all integrated into OneVuex. If I bought these technologies separately, it would double or even triple my IT budget.  By converting to OneVuex, we’ve added tremendous computing power and realized up to 70% in IT cost savings in just 8 weeks!”  

Karen Applegate

“Our Chamber President is a very mobile person.  He uses his phone for everything, and just the fact that he can access all his information and systems with OneVuex on his phone, as if he’s at his desktop, has been probably the greatest benefit for him ... and for me!”