OneVuex - Now Available in an On-Premise Version!

Bass International Software, in collaboration with Microsoft, created OneVuex – the only cloud solution that integrates multiple applications, platforms and cloud infrastructure services in one solution so information flows seamlessly in the cloud. Now, OneVuex is available in an On-Premise version – perfect for larger enterprises requiring a step-wise migration strategy to the cloud. OneVuex On-Premise allows businesses to seamlessly connect and integrate different systems – on-premise; search across all systems for related information in one search – on-premise; and create, edit and share information across systems – on-premise. Businesses can have both OneVuex On-Premise and OneVuex Cloud with a predefined bridge, so when they’re ready to move part or all their systems to the cloud, the bridge allows them to move quickly, easily and securely, without the huge expense of data migration, integration, specialization, or customization services.