OneVuex - Now Part of Microsoft's One Commercial Group

Bass International Software created OneVuex as an answer to the many challenges observed while studying common core business and administrative processes in several industries.  It was recognized that although advancements in computer technology have generated multiple business capabilities and benefits, the continuing evolution of the computing industry (software and hardware) has also created many challenges - predominantly the inability to find, access, integrate, manage and share massive amounts of information, often in separate systems.  These challenges drive IT and business leaders to seek multiple solutions that, ultimately, do not solve their challenges and present further issues including the added commitment and expense to deploy, maintain, manage, and migrate data and information to these new systems.

Business leaders have found that IT is consuming their budgets and time - taking away from their core business and customers.  They're seeking solutions, not products and services, to help them increase their business opportunities, meet and exceed customer expectations and drive revenue. Microsoft recognized this need and restructured their organization creating their "One Commercial Group" aimed at better meeting  the needs of their customers, providing the solutions they seek. Bass International Software was just invited to join this new organization.  Our solution, OneVuex Unified Systems fits perfectly with their strategy to provide business solutions vs. separate computing products and services by unifying most applications, platforms and software solutions in one system – allowing information to flow freely, automating and simplifying processes and eliminating common computing challenges – dramatically increasing productivity while reducing IT and business cost.