What is OneVuex

OneVuex is the first Cloud Computing Platform that enables users to amazingly access, manage and relate information from all and any of their applications, platforms, databases and intranet systems simultaneously all through the OneVuex Cloud Interface. With OneVuex, you only open one program and access everything, this is the Future of Computing!

Code Integration

OneVuex is a Digital Fabric,  that has endless connection points that intelligently connect to other systems which enables users to better manage information that resides in different applications or systems. OneVuex empowers users to better Relate, Share and Collaborate with others internally and externally to their organization.

Migration to the Cloud

With OneVuex the expensive and arduous task of migrating data is a thing of the past. Data Migration is now easy, fast and it works each and every time. Migrating your information with OneVuex is also secure,  with Advanced Threats Analytics, our Multiple Database Engine, Encrypted Communications and Advance Threats Protection, these systems work together to form a total conhesive wrap that protects your information at all stages of operation.

Adaptive Intelligence

OneVuex uniquely ehances the computing experience, by raising the ability of each and every user to the level of a "Super User". OneVuex eliminats the need to remember file names and where you stored them. With Adaptive Intelligence,  OneVuex actually knows where each and every file is located, it knows the name of each and every file and it knows which files are related to each other. Our Adaptive Intelligence empowers each and every user to accomplish work in seconds that would normally take hours and in some cases, days.

Our Partners

The Talk About OneVuex

27 March 2017

OneVuex Partners

Our Partners are excited about the future  and the possibilities on how  OneVuex is trending across multiple industries. New announcements are right around the corner.

March 14, 2017

New Features

OneVuex is constantly adapting to customer requests. We look forwad to our customers feedback, market research and research from our internal development team. 

March 5, 2017

New Pricing

We will be updating our pricing model to fit the different market segments where OneVuex is visioning and experiencing growth. For more information visit our contacts page.

February 14, 2017

OneVuex Launch

‘It's finally here! OneVuex is having its debut and introduction to key makets. We are expecting to experience market growth in several targeted markets by Q4 2017 our first year.

Launch Time to our New Partnership...


What We Do

Real Cloud Computing

We elevate the human experience of computing through Code Integration. We make your software programs work together as "One" system.

  • Microsoft Exchange
  • Microsoft SQL
  • Oracle Cloud
  • Microsoft Sharepoint
  • Office 365

Serverless Computing

OneVuex resides in the Microsoft Cloud. OneVuex is not installed on a server, it's a Digital Fabric which intelligently connects to to other software applications.

  • Better Security
  • No Network Hardware
  • Anywhere Access
  • Expanded Storage
  • Faster Computing

Cloud Infrastructure

For businesses that reqire VM infrastructure we can provide Cloud Systems that can adapt for both Cloud and Hybrid environments.

  • Machine learning
  • Data Lake Analytics
  • Cloud Infrastructure
  • Sandbox Development
  • Intelligent Computing

Artificial Intelligence

Having access to accurate information is criticle to making good  business decisions. OneVuex is one of the very first cloud systems with Artificial Intelligence.

  • Find Information Faster
  • Associate Information
  • Business Analysis
  • Data Science Comparisons
  • Relational Data Analytics



"OneVuex has been vetted by our global sales and marketing groups as well as our technology architects. The consensus is that OneVuex will bring tremendous value to any organization seeking to create greater workplace efficiencies regarding how workflow and processes are managed and generate significant cost savings."

Shinwar Mayi - Microsoft Corporation 2015

Ohio Chambers of Commerce

To find information in our system, you'd click to get into a folder, then you’d get into a subfolder, get into another subfolder … I got 5 clicks in before I was close to what I wanted, but then I’d have to know what they called the particular document and there could be tons of them in a folder.  As a new person coming in, trying to find something was unbelievable.”

Karen Applegate - SCOC 2016